Multiple-Choice Cloze Question 1

For each gap, choose the correct answer:

A computer is a type of (1)________ that can store and process information. We use them to send emails, browse the internet, and play games. Smartphones are a type of mobile phone. They can also be used to (2)________ photos and make phone calls.

We use (3) _________ to connect to the internet. They can be plugged into a computer or used wirelessly. Wi-Fi is a type of wireless (4) ________ that allows us to connect to the internet without using cables.

When we use technology, it's important to be safe. We should use (5) ________ to protect our devices from viruses and hackers. It's also important to (6) ________ our devices and keep them up to date with the latest software.

  1. 1: A) Device B) Thing C) object
  2. 2: A) Take B) Have C) Do
  3. 3: A) Cables B) Routers C) Radios
  4. 4: A) Network B) Television C) Radio
  5. 5: A) Passwords B) Locks C) Safes
  6. 6: A) Fix B) Break C) Update