Multiple-Choice Cloze Question B1_1

Complete the text below choosing ONE word from the options for each gap.

In the classroom, the students were preparing for the day's lessons. On the (1)______, the teacher (2)______ written instructions for their mathematics and biology assignments. The beginner and intermediate pupils gathered around their (3)______, discussing the arithmetic problems and nature studies. The school bell rang, and the students took (4)______ seats, ready to learn.

During break time, some of the students gathered in the library to research their geography and history projects. They browsed the bookshelves, searching for books with valuable information. Others (5)______ their language skills, reading essays and compositions in the language section. The clever ones (6)______ advantage of the break to study their physics and chemistry notes, determined to earn high marks on their upcoming tests.

As the term progressed, the students' hard work began to (7)______ off. They had improved (8)______ various subjects, from IT and economics to art and music. In the photography and drama classes, they showcased their advanced skills, earning praise from their instructors. The diligent ones even sought extra help from their coaches and teachers to ensure they understood the course curriculum and (9)______ prepared for the next level of their studies.

At the end of the school year, the students proudly displayed their certificates and diplomas, proving their qualifications in various subjects. Those who had excelled in their studies applied to college or university, eager to continue their education and earn a degree. As they said their goodbyes and prepared to break up for the summer, they knew they would always remember the lessons they had learned and the friendships they had (10)______ during their time at secondary school.

  1. 1: A) Wall B) Bored C) Internet D) Board
  2. 2: A) Was B) Have C) Had D) Has
  3. 3: A) Chairs B) Desks C) Friends D) Homes
  4. 4: A) They B) Their C) His D) On
  5. 5: A) Practised B) Learned C) Taught D) Repeated
  6. 6: A) Took B) Gained C) Had D) Got
  7. 7: A) Come B) Jump C) Pay D) Better
  8. 8: A) With B) For C) In D) On
  9. 9: A) Were B) Have C) Are D) Was
  10. 10: A) Done B) Forming C) Met D) Made