Multiple-Choice Cloze Question A2_2

Complete the text below choosing ONE word from the options for each gap.

Last weekend, a thrilling adventure took place (1)______ the local cinema. A group of friends decided to (2)______ out and watch a new blockbuster movie featuring (3)______ famous actor and actress. The film (4)______ a heart-pounding action story, filled with breathtaking stunts and incredible special effects. During the interval, the audience had the chance to participate in a competition organised by the cinema, where they could win a signed poster of the film's hero and heroine. Excited, the friends took part and eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners.

In the evening, the friends headed to a nearby festival, (5)______ they could enjoy various attractions, such as a circus, a display of magic tricks, and a live concert. At the concert, they (6)______ to a talented band, which consisted of a charismatic guitarist and a skilled keyboard player. The band played a mix of folk music, pop music, and rock music, making the audience dance and laugh. People also took selfies with the musicians and captured the fun with (7)______ cameras.

The next day, the friends read an article in the newspaper about the previous night's festivities. The journalist had written a glowing review of the concert, praising the band for their energetic performance and the guitarist for his impressive skills. The article also included an interview with the band (8)______, who shared their inspirations and future plans. As a souvenir, the friends (9)______ a CD of the band's hit songs and a documentary about their journey to stardom. With happy hearts and unforgettable memories, they (10)______ forward to their next weekend adventure together.

  1. 1: A) On B) At C) In D) With
  2. 2: A) Go B) Meet C) Travel D) Walk
  3. 3: A) An B) Some C) The D) A
  4. 4: A) Is B) Were C) Was D) Are
  5. 5: A) Where B) How C) When D) Who
  6. 6: A) Saw B) Watched C) Listened D) Heard
  7. 7: A) Those B) Their C) His D) They
  8. 8: A) Members B) People C) Players D) Friends
  9. 9: A) Had B) Took C) Required D) Bought
  10. 10: A) Went B) Looked C) Waited D) Anticipated