Open Cloze Question 2

Complete the text below with ONE suitable word in each gap.

My friend Mark is an incredibly talented musician. He is (1)______ to play several instruments, including the guitar, the piano, and the drums. He (2)______ to start playing music when he was just a kid, and he (3)______ always practice for hours every day.

When he was in high school, Mark decided to (4)_______ a band with some of his classmates. They would sometimes perform (5)_______ local venues, and they (6)______ eventually offered a recording contract. However, Mark (7)______ to turn it down because he (8)______ not like the direction that the record company wanted him to take.

Now, Mark likes composing (9)________ own music and perform as a solo artist. He (10)______ frequently be found playing at coffee shops and small music venues around town.