Reading Comprehension A2_1

For each question, choose the correct answer.

A: Hannah - I find Manchester lively and full of culture, which I truly enjoy. I moved here for university and, after finishing my studies, I decided to stay because I love the atmosphere. There are many things to do, like visiting museums, watching football matches, and attending music events. The people are friendly and always ready to help. Living in this vibrant city has been a fantastic experience, and I'm glad I chose to stay.

B: Leo - Manchester is a city that offers many opportunities, making it an excellent place to live. I came here for work, as I found a great job in a technology company. I appreciate the mix of history and modernity, with old buildings and new developments coexisting harmoniously. The transport connections are good, making it easy to explore other parts of the UK. I also enjoy visiting the local markets on weekends to buy fresh produce.

C: Ella - I like living in Manchester because it is a diverse and welcoming city. I moved here with my family when I was young, as my parents found jobs in the area. I enjoy the different communities and the variety of food and festivals they bring. For example, every year, we attend the Caribbean Carnival, which is always a colourful and exciting event. Manchester has a unique charm that makes me feel at home, and I'm proud to call this city my home.

  1. 1: Who moved to Manchester to continue their education? A B C
  2. 2: Which person had to move to Manchester because of their family? A B C
  3. 3: Who says there are lots of activities to do in the city? A B C
  4. 4: Who goes to the same event year after year? A B C
  5. 5: Who is happy with their decision to live in Manchester? A B C
  6. 6: Who thinks that it isn't difficult to travel from Manchester to other cities? A B C
  7. 7: Who likes to buy their food on a Saturday and Sunday? A B C