Reading Comprehension A2_2

For each question, choose the correct answer.

Best holiday ever!

A: Oliver: - My best holiday was when I went to Spain with my family. We stayed in a lovely hotel near the beach and enjoyed the warm weather. Every day, we swam in the sea, built sandcastles, and tried new food, like paella, which I loved. I made new friends during our stay and we had so much fun together. That holiday was fantastic and I always remember the amazing time we had.

B: Zoe - I absolutely loved my trip to the countryside with my grandparents. We stayed in a cosy cottage surrounded by nature's beauty. We went for long walks, saw colourful flowers, and watched animals in their natural habitat. In the evenings, we played board games and listened to my grandparents' fascinating stories. It was such a peaceful and special time, and I treasure those precious memories dearly.

C: Mason - My favourite holiday experience was visiting New York City with my friends. We saw famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, which were incredible. We ate delicious food at various restaurants, trying new dishes every day. One evening, we watched a captivating Broadway show. The city was buzzing with life and energy, making the trip exciting and unforgettable. I would love to go back and explore even more someday.

  1. 1: Which person went sightseeing? A B C
  2. 2: Who spent time on the coast? A B C
  3. 3: Which person enjoyed meeting people? A B C
  4. 4: Who liked the temperature on holiday? A B C
  5. 5: Who mentions only seeing members of their family? A B C
  6. 6: Who would like to return to the same place again? A B C
  7. 7: Who went to the theatre? A B C