Reading Comprehension - Missing Sentences B1_2

Five sentences have been removed from the text below.

For each question, choose the correct answer.

There are three extra sentences which you do not need to use.

The Great Stink: London's Smelly Summer

1:________ The city's River Thames, overloaded with waste due to the booming population, emitted an unbearable stench. This event is now known as "The Great Stink."

London's sewage system at the time was outdated and overwhelmed. Waste from homes, factories, and slaughterhouses ended up in the Thames, turning the river into a giant, foul-smelling sewer. 2:________ It became a significant public health concern and a social embarrassment.

3:________ Engineer Joseph Bazalgette was commissioned to design a new sewage system. His plans were ambitious, involving 82 miles of underground brick main sewers to divert waste away from the Thames.

The construction of the new system was a colossal endeavour. 4:________ Despite the challenges, Bazalgette's system was a triumph of engineering that greatly improved London's sanitation and public health.

"The Great Stink" may have been a smelly chapter in London's history, but it catalysed essential improvements in the city's infrastructure. 5:________ It serves as a reminder that, sometimes, significant change can arise from the most unpleasant circumstances.

  1. A: The city's population had grown rapidly during the Industrial Revolution.
  2. B: The government's response was swift and significant.
  3. C: The event underscores the importance of adequate sanitation systems.
  4. D: It led to similar sewer construction projects in other major cities around the world.
  5. E: People worked tirelessly, braving dangerous and unsanitary conditions.
  6. F: It took more than a decade to complete and employed thousands of workers.
  7. G: In the summer of 1858, London experienced a unique crisis.
  8. H: As the summer heat intensified, so did the smell.